Jana Shakti

Jana Shakti is a unique JanaNayak led CSR program. It offers every JanaNayak an opportunity to make a difference… in support of a cause of your choice.

JanaNayak identifies an individual beneficiary (a woman or a child) who is in need of financial support. The intended beneficiary cannot be related to the JanaNayak.
The beneficiary must be enrolled with an organisation for the specific support that he or she requires.
Janalakshmi carries out due diligence in terms of tracking the beneficiary and authenticating the need of the beneficiary, channelling the funds through a systematic mechanism and monitoring and evaluating the situation at hand.

A JanaNayak contributes Rs.5,000 and Janalakshmi contributes up to Rs. 20,000. The beneficiary of your choice therefore receives Rs. 25,000!

A JanaNayak will be eligible to make up to three such contributions in a financial year, for three separate beneficiaries. The JanaNayak will have to contribute Rs. 5,000 for each application.

Jana Shakti application form can be downloaded from here