Jana Urban Foundation is a Section-8 not-for-profit company registered in June 2006. The Foundation is an urban inclusion think tank based in Bangalore with a vision to transform urban India where financial inclusion and enhanced quality of life are assured to all those who aspire to help themselves. The Foundation constantly strives to understand the world of urban excluded households and incubates viable and scalable social business models that are central to inclusion.

Jana Urban Foundation has promoted

Our Work

Research and Policy Initiatives

Research and Policy Initiatives plays a key inward-outward facing role by linking primary and secondary research evidence to strategic initiatives and programs within the Jana group. It is also responsible for setting up platforms to disseminate information related to financial inclusion. Recent examples of the team’s outputs are: report to the Dr. Nachiket Mor’s Committee on Comprehensive Financial Services, titled “Measuring Financial Inclusion in Urban India” (copy attached); “Pathways to Prosperity,” an annual longitudinal study of slums, in collaboration with Dr. Anirudh Krishna of Duke University and Prof. M.S. Sriram of IIM-B, to better understand the base of the pyramid population and identify suitable financial inclusion opportunities (copy attached); study of Dalit entrepreneurs and the bottlenecks faced by them, and the CSR Policy for JFS Financial Services

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

The Companies Act 2013 requires corporates to spend 2% of their average net profit of the previous three years on corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities. Janalakshmi Financial Services (JFS) started its CSR program in 2014 and has decided to fund programs revolving around Women’s Empowerment and Child Development. JFS has entrusted Jana Urban Foundation (JUF) as the advisor and manager for its CSR activities. As part of the program, four Bangalore based NGOs are supported for projects revolving around hunger and malnutrition, education and provision of shelter and protection for children of rag pickers, daily wage laborers and commercial sex workers. In 2015, our CSR activities will spread across India where JFS has its presence. Three new partner organizations in Delhi, Gwalior and Mumbai will be working on rehabilitation for children with special needs, violence against women and education for the girl child respectively. The company’s aim is to work on diverse social issues that are crucial for the development of the society.